April Zanne Johnson

“April’s work comprises layered abstractions that use organic forms and body references to express her sense of internal conflict and search for resolution. They are spatially complex, leading the eye in and out of imagined interior landscapes. The abstraction of the compositions exists in a compelling tension with the hyperrealism of her paint handling, resulting in paintings of real originality.”

Eleanor Heartney

Contributing Editor, Art in America and Artpress


“In the hands of April Zanne Johnson, (painting) takes the form of spontaneous, intuitive markmaking.  Johnson paints on plexiglass and other slippery supports, imagining realms that are lush, vibrant, and fantastically fertile.  But she typically sidesteps representation and conveys organic energies through fluid brushwork and happy material accidents. “

Matthew Nichols

Associate Professor, Christie’s Education New York

Frequent contributor to Art in America



"The amazing psychedelic mindscapes of April Zanne Johnson portray imagined microscopic worlds beyond our perception. A mind-bending rendering of a sub-atomic world, it's as if the paint, acting as if acid infused amoebic life, has crawled through the imagined depth of the frame"

Brendan Peer, Editor,  Used Magazine , London UK

"- her ( April Zanne Johnson) paintings have an intensive light-strength and the brush can glide more easily in gestural strokes over the flat undercoat. It seems as if this lightness of the color application also causes a freeing of the subject, because the color and form metamorphosis and, created by this develops a completely separate dynamic, which doesn't adhere to physical laws." - Johanna Tewes, Art Armada, January 2014 - Hamburg, Germany

"My recent paintings are a physical representation of a portal leading to the possibilities that lie beyond our present visual technology."   – April Zanne Johnson

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april zanne johnson
Orange Motivators
The Environment
Periaqueductal Gray Constructing Magenta Wall
Meeting of the B- Cells 2, Diaphanous Environment
Polychromatic Mykiss
Meeting of the B- Cells
Diaphanous Environment Cycle
Storming The Recondition
Exit the Environment
Bonfire and Sinusoidal Wave, ( sound/motion/color collaboration)
Other Worlds at War-Little Pagan Macrophages
Outside the Environment: Little Pagan Macrophages
Apparatus Transport System 2014
Trypanosomiasis ( Sleeping Dragon )Series I,II,III
The Environment
Precognition Conduit
Autocorrelation MATRIX Views: Apprehended
Green Black System
Primary Electron Worlds 12.2012
Memory Cell T,B and Data
Soft Serve Cell
Floating Worlds : Pink/ Bluegreen 11.2012
Floating Worlds : Cadmiums
Inner Worlds: Blues 2012/2013
Endorphin Spike
Locus Coeruleus,2013, 23 3/4 " x 23 3/4"
East 11.02.2012- In the Wake of Hurricane Sandy